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Akbarizadeh-Khajeh S, Farhadi Biregani A, Doosti A. A REVIEW ON ADVANCES AND CHALLENGES IN DEVELOPMENT OF MRNA-BASED VACCINES. Studies in Medical Sciences 2022; 33 (3) :171-182
URL: http://umj.umsu.ac.ir/article-1-5761-en.html
Biotechnology Research Center, Shahrekord Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahrekord, Iran (Corresponding Author) , abbasdoosti@yahoo.com
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Background & Aims: In the last few years, mRNA vaccines have been considered for the treatment of cancer and viral and autoimmune diseases. Several mRNA vaccine have been evaluated in the preclinical and clinical stages; these experiments have shown that mRNA vaccines elicit a long-term immune response in both animal models and humans. Due to their significant immune responses, the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against cancers and pathogens are much higher than other vaccines that do not induce significant immune responses. The results of recent developments in various fields have provided the basis for the production of mRNA vaccines with high efficiency and effectiveness. The aim of this review article was to examine the most important developments in the field of mRNA vaccines production as well as the challenges facing this field.
Materials & Methods: The present study is a review article in which, numerous articles indexed in PubMed, Scopus, Science Direct, and Google Scholar search engines were analyzed with the mRNA vaccine and viral infections keywords.
Results: The results of several studies indicated that mRNA-based vaccines have the ability to induce humoral and cellular immune system responses against a wide range of infectious and non-infectious diseases. With the advances in mRNA transfer methods and increased their stability, these vaccines have been introduced as a promising, effective, and safe methods in the treatment and prevention of infectious and non-infectious diseases and cancers.
Conclusion: The robust, long-lasting and safe immune responses observed in animal models, as well as promising data from early human clinical trials, make mRNA-based vaccination as an appropriate alternative to conventional vaccine approaches.
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Type of Study: Review article | Subject: ویروس شناسی

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